Download your all Facebook photos with just one click!: Hello, my friends, I’m Aryan Bimali I’m back with my new post. Today in this post you gonna know how you can download all Facebook photos  Yeah with just one click! if you wanna know how? then follow the below mentioned steps or tips to download your Facebook photos with just one click. ok, let’s get started!

1. First of all, you need to add the DownAlbum extension to your Google Chrome browser

To add it to Google Chrome Browser, you must click on the Add to Chrome button. After that search for 
 DownAlbum extension.

2. Then a popup message will appear in your browser, in which you will have to click on Add Extension.

Once you click on Add Extension, this extension will be downloaded and installed in your browser.

 3. Once this Extension is added to your browser, you will see the DownAlbum icon in your browser.

 4. Now you have to download all the photos of Facebook Page, go to it and click on this icon.
But keep in mind that you have to click on this icon only after you open that Facebook Page.
 5. Now a drop-down menu will open in front of you, in which you have to click on the Normal Button.
If there are more photos on the Facebook Page’s Album, do not forget to Mark the Large Album Optimize.
 6. Now you will have a popup message in your browser, in which you will have to click OK button.

7. After clicking on the OK button, all Photos on the Facebook Page will start loading.

 8. Once the loading is completed, a new tab will open in your browser, which will look like the picture given below.

9. Now you have to save all those photos by pressing Ctrl + S key and clicking on Save button.
Save the type as Web page, Select Complete and save the folder anywhere by choosing Location.
Step 10. After this, it will start downloading a file named .html in your Google Chrome browser. Our file will be in HTML extension because we have chosen the type of webpage.
When the downloading is done, you will see all those Facebook Photos in a new folder in File’s location with .html extension.

So in this way you can download all the photos of any Facebook album by using the DownAlbum extension on your browser.

In this post you knew tips to download your all Facebook photos with just one click hope you guys have got it, if you have any queries then you can leave your feedback in the comment section. Please feel free to ask, we will be more than happy to answer you. Stay tuned, have a great day!

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