Latest Technologies To Learn :  I’m back with my new interesting post which is about Latest Technologies To Learn in this years.Today I will be discussing the 10 most trending technologies, that everyone is talking about and will acquire a huge market in 2018.So u can make this as your resolution to master any one of these in next Year.So, let’s look at what we have first in our

Top 10 Latest Technologies To Learn


  • RPA – Robotic Process Automation

Generally any test job in any industry involves tasks, that are repetitive in nature and can be automated .RPA or Robotic process Automation allows you to automate such routine and repetitive tasks,and RPA can boost the overall productivity of companies, by saving their time and money and it has lot of cool features guys.For example, No coding skills is required,RPA comes with simple drag and drop tool,and you can automate any repetitive task without changing the underline technologies.RPA technology can be implemented using various tools.The top three tools include; UIPATH, BLUEPRISM
and AUTOMATION Anywhere, that you can see it in the slides as well.


  •  Intelligent Apps (Chat-bots, Virtual Assistants)

popularly known as I-Apps. I-Apps are pieces of software written for mobile devices based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, for making the everyday task easier.This involves tasks like Organizing, prioritizing Emails, Scheduling Meetings, Logging Interactions and content etc, etc.Some examples would be Chat Bots and Virtual
Assistance that you can see in the slides as well.So, let’s move forward and see which technology.

 IoT (Internet of Things) – electronic, software, sensors (collect and exchange data)

As the name suggests IoT is about connecting different objects in your environment via Intelligent sensors enabling them to send and receive data.This includes everything from your mobile phones, Refrigerators, Washing machine to almost everything that you can think of.With the IoT we can have smart cities with optimized traffic system, efficient waste Management and energy use.So, start thinking of some new excuse for coming late to office other than traffic guys IoT is basically a giant network of connected devices all of which gather and share data about How they are used, and the Environment in which they are operating and by doing so,each of your device will be learning from the experience of other devices, as humans do. IoT is trying to expand the Interdependence in human, that is, Interact, contribute and collaborate to things, this is all about IoT.

  • DevOps

Now, before I explain this, let me tell you Guys, DEVOPS is not a Technology; it is a Methodology, that ensures, that both the development and operations go hand-in-hand.DEVOPS life cycle is picturized as infinite loop representing Integration of developers and operations team by Automating Infrastructure,work flows, and continuously measuring Application Performance.It is basically the process of continual Improvement.So, Why not start with yourself?You can even see the companies that are using DEVOPS right now.We have Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and the most of the companies out there in the market are using DEVOPS.Why are they using DEVOPS?Because of its Advantages.It provides you shorter, software development life- cycles.The quality of software that is produced is way better than the previous Waterfall model.It also gives you, Improved work environment.There are many DEVOPS tools available in the market.The most popular tools are; GIT, JENKINS,PUPPET, CHEF, DOCKER, ELK and there are many other many tools as well.So, let’s move forward Guys, this was all
about DEVOPS.

  • Angular& React

These are the most popular Java Script based frameworks for creating Modern Web applications.Using REACT and ANGULAR, you can create highly Modular Web Applications.So, when I say modular, you don’t need to go through a lot of changes in your code-base for adding a new feature.ANGULAR and REACT also allows you to create native mobile applications with the same Javascript,CSS and HTML knowledge.And the best part of ANGULAR and REACT, it is open source with highly active communities.

  • Cloud Computing

CLOUD COMPUTING is one of the most trending technology Guys.This is because it allows companies to save a lot of money and simplifies the life of users.Day-by-day, more and more companies are shifting their Infrastructure in the Cloud.What are the reasons for that? First of all, it is fast and Scalable, it can be Accessed from anywhere there is no upfront cost, and it provides better security.Now there are a lot of cloud provider out there in the market.For example, Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, IBM, Goggle, there’s even digital oceans.There a lot of competition out there in the market.But Amazon web services is a clear winner based in the market share.

  •  Big Data

Big-data has affected the IT landscape beyond imagination.BIG-DATA refers to problems, that are associated with processing and storing different types of Data.Most of the companies today rely on BIG-DATA analytics to gain huge insight about their customer, product research, Marketing Initiatives and many more.It can be used in various domains, it can be used in Retail,Insurance,Healthcare,Banking and Finance and I’ve listed only four of those domains guys.There are many many more domains in which BIG-DATA finds its importance.

  •  AR & VR (augmented and virtual reality)

Let’s discuss VIRTUAL REALITY first.VIRTUAL REALITY is when you use ARTIFICAL Environment, that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspense belief and accepts it as a real Environment.Have you watched the movie MATRIX?Well, that is what VR does. VR is a computer Simulated environment that you can walk around and interact with.We can see a lot of examples in the slides as well.Let’s see What is AUGMENTED REALITY?Now, augmented reality combines Virtual reality with the real world in the form of a live video Imagery.Both of these AR and VR have numerous real-life Applications.For example, Medical students use AR Technology to practice Surgery in a controlled environment.AR is extensively used in mobile gaming and Apps, which work on real life video feed,or games like POKEMON GO Guys, you know that POKEMON GO, delivered 600 million Dollars in mobile AR revenue and its first three months alone.Imagine the future prospect and if you have something in your mind, let us know, in the comment section.I know the list is becoming quite interesting
Guys, Right?

  • Blockchain

People who already have invested in BITCOINS,know, what exactly BLOCKCHAIN is?BLOCKCHAIN is basically the technology that runs BITCOIN.And BITCOIN is world’s first digital Crypto currency and that is the future of the economy Guys,”Crypto Currency”.So, even if BLOCKCHAIN doesn’t exist after a couple of years, you will have some Crypto currency that is based on BLOCKCHAIN.So, let’s see what is the last technology that we have in our list.

  •  Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is basically creating intelligent software, making a machine that is smart, a machine that has the to power to think, analyze and make decisions based on the huge amount of Data that we have.Hence, the phrase goes “Data is the new oil of 21st century”.And surely the race among big IT giants to dominate the field of AI has begun.

Let us know your opinion on different AI Initiatives and, who do you think will be the winner in the Comment section below.In this post you have known about”Latest Technologies To Learn ”. if you have any queries then you can leave your feedback in the comment section.Please feel free to ask, we will be more than happy to answer you.Stay tuned, have a great day!

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